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Tales of an ISV: supporting override labels

One of the more recent tools given to customers is the ability to override the labels on managed - released package items via the Translation Workbench

Field-level help tooltips in visualforce

One thing I've noticed conspicuously absent from most apps on the appexchange that use visualforce is the field-level help that salesforce supports.First the "bad" way:

Abusing tags for fun and profit

Many people over the years have struggled with the lack of support in salesforce for an apex:inputLookup component that can generate

Tales of an ISV: fear the auto-number field

I recently made a post on twitter about how terrible of an idea using the auto-number field type for the "name" field on custom objects is

Aggregate Rollup Queries: a quick introduction

So today one of our sales engineers approached me about how to count the number of incidents (custom object) per account for use in a formula

Picking the right package

If you've been following any of the work from labs you'll notice there's (usually) three ways to get a copy of the apps and

Dreamforce 11: some wishes granted!

A while back Jeremy Ross made a nice list of what would make life a little bit less painful for developers. While he didn't