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The mini layout

Finally, a blog post useful for admins as well as developers! Today we'll learn about how to edit the tooltips that show on the recent items

apex:repeat indexes in visualforce pages

This approach is officially unsupported Somewhere around APIv30 (ish?) visualforce dropped support for this. From the docs: Note: does not support reassignment inside of an iteration

Database.Rollback and you

Working with Salesforce you start growing to expect the platforms "magic" to handle things like rolling back failed transactions, especially if you've been working with triggers

CMDB and network discovery

I've been involved in a number of discussions recently about where network discovery falls in implementing a CMDB, and I've never fully agreed with the idea

The magic isdtp param

A couple of weeks back Andy Mahood posted an interesting question that cought my eye: Is there a blog explaining report url params ?isdtp=mn shows

The master record type's ID

The other day I noticed the DescribeSObjectResult.getRecordTypeInfosByID() method returns a map that will always contain a record type info with an invalid ID: the master

Working with salesforce rich text fields

I've been doing quite a lot of work with the rich text fields salesforce introduced back in APIv21. While I've had them in our app for