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The importance of backups, even in the cloud

I'm sure if you're reading this that one way or another you've heard much evangelism of the cloud: lower admin/maintenance, built-in data protection,

Customizing Packages - Validation Rules

After spending quite a bit of time developing and supporting managed packages on Salesforce I've come across all sorts of creative, brilliant, and sometimes downright weird

Aggregate Queries: Finding accounts with large numbers of cases

Since I've have multiple people ask about how to find <type of object> with over <number> child records many time in many

Posting FinancialForce documents with workflow or integration rules

However the only way to post a document is either via included visualforce pages or via the FinancialForce API. However I've done the hard part and

Financialforce Accounting: Amending a posted document

A quick blog post to note an interesting new feature I learned about in V7 of's accounting application.In V7 it is now possible

Bookmarklet: Force UI override

A handy javascript bookmarklet that forces the standard UI instead of a visualforce UI. Might come in handy for a select few so I'm APIs: Posting a Sales Invoice

No, I'm not dead - I just got a new job over at and they're keeping me busy.In honor of my new employer